What is an Alarm Receiving Centre?

What is an Alarm Receiving Centre?

An Alarm Receiving Centre, abbreviated to (ARC) is a highly secure, video monitoring station that is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in which SIA trained monitoring handlers receive data, signals and alarms from alarm systems all across the country in real-time.

An Alarm Receiving Centre is a purpose-built facility that is able to monitor the security at multiple commercial and residential properties across the UK.

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Alarm Receiving Centre Team

The monitoring team are trained to monitor any alarm activations, such as fire alarms, intruder alarms, panic buttons and CCTV alerts.

If you property experiences an ‘alert’, a instant signal from the property’s alarm system is sent to our alarm receiving centre in Bristol, alerting our monitoring team. Our team are specially trained to then rapidly respond to the alert.

The alert could have been a ‘false alert’ (more on this in a second), or the alert could be a real threat to your property or people. In this case the monitoring team will call the emergency services, such as the police to attend your site.

False Alarm Activations

Quite frequently your alarm system will trigger an alarm activation which is deemed a ‘false activation’. Our monitoring team is trained to be able to filter out such activations, which reduces time for any Keyholders and the police, and thus reduces call out fees.

How do I get Alarm Monitoring?

To enhance security with alarm monitoring at your property you must have an alarm system installed that is compatible for monitoring. You can see a list of our technology partners here.

If you own a residential property, your alarm system installer will recommend an alarm receiving centre to monitor the security of your premises.

For alarm monitoring, you will need to have designated ‘keyholders’ in the event of an alarm activation. Your keyholders could be a keyholding company such as ourselves, or somebody you know, such as a neighbour or employee. If an alarm activation occurs and our monitoring team feel a keyholder needs to attend the property for investigation then we will call and dispatch them instantly.

If you choose the option of selecting an employee to be your designated keyholder for your organisation, then please ensure you are aware of the Corporate Manslaughter/Homicide Act 2007

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How much does Alarm Monitoring costs?

The cost of Alarm Monitoring can vary depending on what alarm system you have in place and whether it is compatible. Alarm Monitoring prices can start from as little as £40 per year for a residential property.

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About ARM Secure

ARM Secure is the resulting completely independent, security solutions company of a merger between two sister companies belonging to the Asset Protection Group. The companies, Alarm Response and Keyholding (ARK), and VRC Monitoring Solutions provided separate security solutions to commercial and residential properties across the United Kingdom. By bringing the two companies together we are now able to provide a complete and comprehensive security solution. Our new company name ARM Secure is an acronym for Alarm Response Monitoring, and our strap-line has also befitted a makeover allowing us to express exactly what we do in one sentence.

About APG

The Asset Protection Group comprises a group of Fire & Security companies with shared ownership and one common goal, protecting your most important assets. As a collective group, we look to offer protection to your assets to assist you with your ongoing success within your own business.