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Manned Guarding

What is Manned Guarding?

Provided on both a permanent and temporary basis, manned guarding is a static guard security officer providing the visual presence that your premises may require. 

Within just 2 hours we can rapidly deploy, fully accredited SIA licensed security officers, to protect your premises during periods of high risk. Whether you have one or multiple locations across the UK, we can provide the security guarding service you require with full national coverage.

Benefits Of Using Guarding

Security officers provide a proven, effective visual deterrent to potential criminal activity.

While CCTV and other security products are successful in reducing crime, a fully uniformed physical presence can further deter thieves and vandals. Our SIA trained and experienced security officers can quickly identify potential threats, efficiently respond to emergency incidents and protect your people, properties and peace of mind.

With ARM Secure’s nationwide security network, we can instruct and deploy guards to be on site within 2 hours, anywhere in the UK. Helping mitigate any immediate security incidents at your premises. 

The damage fire or floods leave to a premises can be devastating. Carelessness by visitors or employees as well as faulty electrics or plumbing can lead to absolute disaster. Static security guards will patrol the area, checking for any safety risks which include potential fire or flooding hazards. The guards will then be able to report and prevent any hazards and ensure the situation doesn’t get any worse, saving your building from potential damage.

One of the many reasons people require Manned Guarding services for their premises is to ensure the safety of employees and visitors alike. Static Security Guards are on hand to spot any threat to a person’s wellbeing and take action to prevent injury, harm or distress. Threats can include assaults, accidents and emergencies which can be avoided or reduced with a security team are in place.

Manned Guarding in and around your premises significantly reduces criminal activity. 

Depending on the nature of the organisation, theft can could be one of your main security risks. From the theft of expensive assets to the stealing of sensitive information and documents, Manned Guarding services can stop this kind of activity in its tracks. Our ARM Security Guards can also prevent unauthorised access to your premises and use of equipment, preventing theft or breach of confidentiality.

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More information about Manned Guarding Services

Every business is different in shape, size and purpose. Therefore each business will require a tailored Manned Guarding plan. You site may need one security guard, but another may need multiple.

Please contact us and we will be happy to advise the best Manned Guarding plan based on the nature of your business and your security objectives.

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