lone worker protection

Lone Worker Protection

Our innovative, user friendly and fully integrated Lone Worker solutions are backed by our industry leading in house Monitoring Centre and Guard Response to the location of the user in the event of an SOS or session time out.

We have an extensive range of wearable devices to fit any customers needs, or a smart phone app based solution which can be deployed instantly.

Benefits Of Lone Worker Protection

Easily step up your sites security with minimal disruption and with no existing infastructure.

Any SOS triggers an immediate alert to our Monitoring Centre. This includes the employees full details and location for a rapid welfare check.

For increased job safety knowing the exact time an employee has completed work on a certain site This also helps time efficiency management, making it easy to track and monitor time on site for a certain job.

Powerful automated reporting using our customer portal, showing status of every on going session. Easily add new workers in just seconds and download reports when you need them.

Easily start a two way conversation with our monitoring team with all messages stored in the report log for increased accountability.

All of our Lone Worker solutions come industry leading NSI Gold monitoring with alarm response for complete peace of mind.

lone worker dashboard arm secure

Real time reporting and unrivalled integration

This digital audit trail can be instantly viewed, with powerful reporting features, using our customer portal giving universal access, anytime, anywhere.

And all of this comes with an unlimited number of sessions with no cap, once a user account has been opened.

Our lone worker solutions can be used across any sector with the ability to integrate into enterprise resource planning and Workforce management systems.

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