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Open & Lock Service

What is it?

Open and Lock Services, which are also know as Locks and Unlocks. ARM Secure takes on the responsibility for alarming and securing your premises at the end of the working day and ensuring that it’s safe to enter at the beginning of the next working day.

Our SIA licensed security officers execute the open and lock services, locking up at night after your employees have gone home and return in the morning to unlock the premises for the new day, whilst checking the safety and security of the building before employees arrive.

Furthermore, a 24-hour call-out service means that even at very short notice an officer can be at the premises ready to carry out the necessary checks.

Our fully trained and SIA licensed security guards will thoroughly patrol and secure your buildings with a service tailored to your business needs. Our security officers can turn off lights and equipment as needed, whilst also ensuring that windows and doors are securely closed and locked, securing your site, whilst reducing energy bills.

Benefits of Open & Lock Services

Our locking and unlocking service takes the stress of this task away, as our licensed mobile patrol officer will attend your site and perform these duties on your behalf.

The Open and Lock service can also form an integrated security approach such as escorting employees to their vehicles or work destination during dark hours or simply assisting vulnerable members of your team who have to shut down the premises at night.

Knowing that your office has been correctly secured at the end of the day by a SIA Accredited Security Company.

Cost-efficient alternative to other intensive security solutions such as manned guarding services.

The Open & Lock service makes it impossible to get locked out as we keep hold of your keys. This service also works well with our Keyholding & Alarm Response solution.

You don’t need to have a designated Open and Lock person from your team, and it’s easy to book your times, then we will organise the rest. 


How does it work?

1. Schedule

All we need to know is when you want us to open up for the day and when you would like your site to be locked.

2. Open

We arrive at the agreed time & open the building/site for your staff.

3. Lock

We arrive at the agreed time & lock the building/site for you, ensuring it is safe and secure.

What will the Open & Lock service do for your business?

This service frees up your team, ensuring that their responsibilities are accurate to their role and not building security management. Having a designated lock-up person means that they can’t leave until everybody else has. Having a comprehensive security management plan ensures you have a safe and happy team as well as complying with the various Health and Safety Acts related to being a business owner.

Open and lock doesn’t stop a burglar from breaking into the property at night but you will have the assurance that all lock-up procedures were followed and as a result, a potential insurance claim would not be affected. We will always provide you with a clear open and locking report so that you can see what duties our guards performed and at what times at your site.

Additionally, we can integrate other actions into the service such as shutting down computers and checking any electrical equipment which not only reduces the chance of a fire but can reduce your electrical running costs. 

open and lock service - ARM Secure
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