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Visual Verification

Visual verification validates whether an alarm is false or genuine, ensuring an accurate and targeted response.

This saves money on call outs and stops time-wasting of emergency services. It also reduces the risk of losing your Unique Reference Number (URN) which has to be quoted to the Police when they are contacted to respond to activation.

Benefits of Visual Verification

Adding visual verification to an intruder alarm system identifies whether the cause of the alarm is a genuine threat before responding, it saves both money and human resources. It also reduces penalties from the emergency services and the inconvenience associated with false alarms making these systems ideal for applications where false alarms are particularly costly or where police response is in danger of being withdrawn without a system upgrade.
Visual verification is one of the most reliable and efficient way of confirming whether a triggered alarm is genuine. It also helps Police to identify suspects much quicker and also means your property continues to be recognised by the Police with a URN, maintaining overall security.
It reduces crime rate by being able to determine an alarm’s legitimacy faster and meaning Police can be deployed more promptly. By responding quicker to visually verified alarms it can also lower insurance premiums for your property, by reducing the amount of likely damage caused by intruders or fire.

How it works

ARM Secure’s visual verification service works where an intruder alarm incorporates visual verification technology (such as RSI Videofied), or is complemented by a CCTV system, ARM Secure can use these captured images when an alarm is triggered to further aid in the response to an alarm by using a PIR with a built-in camera to capture images when an alarm is triggered. The images are transmitted to our Remote Video Response Centre where our highly trained operators can identify and verify the cause of the alarm.

Many alarm activations are caused by animals, open windows or doors and often human error. ARM Secure’s operators can determine if the activation was due to a human and whether it is a genuine threat. Images are stored and can be accessed by the emergency services if they are sent to attend. If the cause of the alarm activation is unclear, for example, there is nothing on the cameras when ARM Secure operators seek verification, they will monitor the situation in real-time to keep appressed of any updates and respond accordingly. If we visually verify a viable threat to the property or people, you, your keyholders and local emergency services will be notified.

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