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Weekly Bell Testing

What is it?

In accordance with British Standards guidance, fire alarm systems should have weekly bell testing. 

However, many companies either make infrequent checks throughout the year or totally ignore the importance altogether.

You specify the time and day, and we will carry out the duty on a weekly basis.

Benefits of weekly bell testing

Our weekly bell test takes the hassle out of making sure your property is safe in the event of an emergency, our officers will attend your premises and carry out the test at your convenience.

By using this service, yourself and your employees will become familiar with correct procedures in the event of a raised alarm, it offers you the flexibility to go about your working day and will definitely save you money in the long run.

Knowing that your alarms work correctly meaning your business is secured at the end of the day.
Cheaper than the consequences of a faulty alarm and a subsequent break-in.
No need to schedule a test with alarm employee, though a fire drill is still advised.

How does it work?

1. Listen

We listen to all of your need, whether you have multiple sites or multiple alarms we can provide a testing schedule to cover all of your alarms.

2. Schedule

We collect all details, regarding your site(s),  alarm(s), as well as taking into consideration any special requirements and create a schedule for our officers.

3. Bell testing

Our officers come to your site(s) and will conduct a test on all necessary systems, whilst keeping a log of these tests and results.

Arm Secure - Weekly bell test

Appoint Arm Secure as your responsible person to ensure that compliance is met, as well as conducting bell tests are carried out weekly.

Our officers can make weekly checks of all your fire alarm systems and scheduling maintenance if the need arises. As your appointed person we will keep an onsite log of your weekly checks, removing the hassle of this duty having to be carried out by a staff member and trying to arrange cover when that person isn’t available due to absence to fulfil the duty.
Monthly Emergency Light testing can also be incorporated as part of the service.

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