Who are we?

ARM Secure is the resulting completely independent, security solutions company of a merger between two sister companies belonging to the Asset Protection Group. The companies, Alarm Response and Keyholding (ARK), and VRC Monitoring Solutions provided separate security solutions to commercial and residential properties across the United Kingdom. By bringing the two companies together we are now able to provide a complete and comprehensive security solution. Our new company name ARM Secure is an acronym for Alarm Response Monitoring, and our strap-line has also befitted a makeover allowing us to express exactly what we do in one sentence.

Alarm Response & Keyholding (ARK) specialises in providing professional keyholding and alarm response services across the UK to secure your home or business and ensure the safety of your family and employees.

VRC Monitoring Solutions base of operations is the Alarm Receiving and Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC) located in Yate, Bristol, where our highly experienced and SIA Accredited team work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing outstanding CCTV Monitoring, customer care and technical support. ARM Secure remains the complete owner of this building which is a fully accredited NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold, BS 5979 Category II Alarm Receiving and Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC).

We are part of the Asset Protection Group (APG) meaning that we can compliment your CCTV Monitoring requirements with added services like Keyholding and Alarm Response. 

Meet The Executive Team

Our executive team are a group who bring experience across the board and not just with security solutions. Their focus is dedicated in providing industry leading security excellence daily, as well as keeping a focus on delivering world-class customer service. Our team live and breathe our “protecting people, properties and peace of mind” mantra.

Additional team members can be viewed here.


We offer our security services Nationwide, with our Alarm Receiving and Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC) based in Yate, Bristol but the nature of how we receive communications and signals (over Phone Lines, Internet, GPRS etc.) means we can monitor sites not only from anywhere in the UK but anywhere in the world.

Our Monitoring prices depend on various factors; signalling device, signalling grade, type of monitoring and contract period, to name a few. We do know that our prices are very competitive and realistic and we are always happy to work with installers on pricing when it comes to multisite migrations.

In a word No. Alarm and CCTV Installers are our customers and that’s it. We are totally independent, which sets us apart from the rest. When asked if we do  installations our answer is always no. We can however put customers in touch with our partnered installers in that area. What installation company to use is then always down to the customer.

No, as we are a truly independent Alarm Receiving Centre, we will work with installation companies of all sizes. If you need premises monitored, then we can help. The only point to bear in mind is that the Police will only issue a Unique Reference Number (URN), to accredited installation companies using an accredited BS5979 Category 2 ARC.

Yes, but we highly recommend that you have a company in place that can maintain your system, we can recommend a service partner local to you.

Yes, installers make up the majority of our client/customer data base, which means we can put you in touch with several, so you can choose who to work with.

Yes, but you will need to get your existing Alarm or CCTV installer to put in place the “set up” or transfer of the connection to us. If you are looking for a completely new CCTV system to be installed and monitored but don’t have an existing installer, you can receive the CCTV monitoring direct form us, and we can give you several installers to choose from.

Yes, we encourage potential and existing customers alike to come along and visit our Alarm Receiving Centre by appointment. You will get to meet the team face to face and we feel that this helps strengthen relationships and build confidence and trust.  Please be aware however that we are a 24hr security provider and strict access protocols and procedures will apply to protect ours and our customers interests. During your visit, we will demonstrate our services. Get in touch with us here.

We have conference and training room facilities available so if you would like to use these to pitch to potential clients, hold a training course or perhaps hold one of your regular meetings here the facilities are available to our customers free of charge. It also provides an ideal opportunity to tie in with a tour of the Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Receiving Centre and meet our ARM Secure operators.

Respond! In short, whatever you ask us to do. We react as per your set and agreed “response plan” that we build together during the set-up process.

We are privately owned and totally independent. This means we can offer you and your clients a more personal service than most Alarm Receiving Centre’s. Providing industry leading Customer Service is key to everything we do and our installers are more “partners” than simply customers. We have no affiliation with any installation company what so ever. There are some Alarm Receiving Centre’s who claim this, but when you look further into the matter, this is not strictly true. At ARM Secure we are clear, ethical and completely transparent.

Our technical support team will be delighted to offer basic first-line support where possible and will work with you if you have any issues with regards to your security system and signalling, we are always looking to provide a solution for our customers.

As a property keyholder, you must be capable of getting to your premises within a 20-minute period and resolve any alarm issues. If you fail to do this on more than three occasions, the police will withdraw their response from your premises, and your alarm could be considered a nuisance.

In addition, changes made to Corporate Manslaughter legislation mean that Directors and Line managers are now affected by the new rules. So if your employees are currently responsible for attending an out of hours alarm are they properly prepared and trained to deal with what they might find? 

A: Yes. All our keyholding employees are fully SIA licensed to carry out security duties in accordance with BS7984 Keyholding standards and are further vetted to BS7858, which covers:

  • Employment Reference checks covering a period of 5 years
  • All gaps in employment greater than 30 days must be clarified
  • Criminal record check (DBS Check or Overseas CRC) Identity, address history and financial probity (Credit Check)

So you can be sure that the officers attending on your behalf will carry out their duties to the highest possible standards.

See our Accreditations here.

As a keyholding and alarm response company, we will attend your premises in your absence and deal with all activated alarm issues. We will take all steps required, including arranging emergency repairs, to re-securing your premises in the event of a break-in or criminal damage. We will provide you with a comprehensive security report of the whole situation from alarm activation and response including all actions taken by our security officers.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a response time due to circumstances that are beyond our control. We can, however, guarantee to respond immediately and leave your building secure on exit. With locally based, fully trained response teams at thousands of locations across the country, we can ensure a very prompt and effective response to your property with the minimum amount of delay.

Yes, a keyholder will be required to attend the premises to deal with all eventualities. Non-attendance by an authorised keyholder could have a detrimental effect on your insurance and police attending terms. Fortunately, you can outsource your keyholding to us. Get in touch here.

We only require one set to allow us access to your property. We will test the keys when we perform our initial site survey. In addition, we will also require alarm codes and any other relevant information relating to your premises and alarm system.

Not unless we deem the situation to require us to contact anyone. In most cases our people will not know what they are going to find at your property until they open the front door, the majority of alarm activations we attend, are non-critical and easily resolved without any need for client contact, although on rare occasions we do encounter a problem where immediate client contact is necessary. When we do have to call someone in the middle of the night, we will make sure we present a detailed summary of the problem and our people will act on your instructions.

Once we have completed the initial survey and agreed the start date all you need to do is simply send an email to your alarm company, and instruct them, as from the agreed time and date, we are your primary Keyholder. We will provide you with our control room number for both you and your alarm company to use.

If you’d like ARM Secure to take over your alarm response and keyholding requirements then all you need to do is sign our agreements and return it to us. We will then agree a convenient time and date for us to send a security surveyor to your premises to carry out a comprehensive site survey and draw up your “Assignment Instructions”. This forms the instruction tool for the keyguards that attend your premises to use in the event of an alarm activation. Once you are happy with everything we can agree the start date.

If your alarm rings and proves to be a nuisance at law, the council will serve you with a Noise Abatement Notice and may have to break into your premises to disconnect the alarm. They would then re-secure the premises by changing the locks and charge you for the time and the money spent in turning the alarm off.

Failure to comply with the Abatement Notice is a criminal offence and the council can prosecute you. If found guilty, you may have to pay a fine which could be as much as £5,000 for residential premises, and £20,000 for commercial premises.

Remove this risk by outsourcing your keyholding and alarm response to us here.

ARM Secure services cover both domestic and commercial clients.

A matter of days dependant on current arrangements which we can discuss on enquiry. It is a simple, straightforward process with which we are happy to assist.

By using our keyholding and alarm response service you can remove the hassle and risks associated with doing it all yourself and at a fraction of the cost of employing a dedicated security officer.


Data Protection Policy

This policy sets out our commitment to data protection and individual rights and obligations in relation to personal data.

SIA ACS Certificate

This is to certify that ARM Secure Ltd has met the requirements of the Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme.

Evidence of Insurance

Evidence of ARM Secure insurance

keyholding services ico logo

ICO Certificate

ICO certificate detailing full company name, relevant reference number, tier information as well as the start and expiry dates.

British Standards

ARM Secure work to the following British Standards: BS 7499: 2013, BS 7984: 2008, BS 7858: 2012. 

Safe Contractor / Alcumus Certificate

Evidence of Safe Contractor / Alcumus Certificate.

NSI Gold

ARM Secure Evidence of NSI Gold Cat II Accreditation

CHAS Certificate

Evidence of CHAS Certificate.

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Cyber Essentials

ARM Secure Evidence of Cyber Essentials

Our Keyholding & Alarm Response Process

Our Keyholding and Alarm Response process begins with us safeguarding a set of your keys, unmarked and in a secure premises, ready for when the need arises to respond to an alarm activation at your premises. Your keys will be held in strict compliance with BS7984 at a secure premises, most local to your property. If you lose your keys, we’re just a call away from helping you back into your business and if the need arises we can even assist you with lock changing.

ARM Secure’s highly experienced, SIA accredited team work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and pride themselves on ensuring the process of introducing CCTV monitoring solutions into your security plan is as painless as possible. We aim to elevate long-lasting relationships with our customer base and continue to support the safety and security of all properties throughout the UK.