BT Redcare Closing – How We Can Help

BT Redcare Closing – How We Can Help

BT Redcare closing will affect both home and business users who rely on BT Redcare for monitored intruder alarms, fire alarms and security systems.

BT will be accepting orders until 29th February 24′ for customers who need an interim solution whilst switching over their estates before the closure. But starting the migration process for customers with large estates, will need to begin as soon as possible.

ARM Secure has already been busy helping our customers prepare for the PSTN and ISDN switch off in December 2025. So we have all the tools and experience necessary to seamlessly switch over any BT RedCare customers on Classic, GSM or IP connections.

We have hardware solutions that can be easily integrated into your sites security systems allowing our NSI Gold Monitoring Station to take over the BT Redcare connection.

For any drops in service during upgrades, ARM Secure can fill the gap with our industry leading temporary security solutions such as Manned Guarding, RaPID Towers and Vacant Property Inspections, making sure your site stays protected.

With BT Redcare closing, finding a new monitoring supplier who can support your estates security requirements is imperative. ARM Secure have been supplying industry leading monitoring for over 20 years! Always staying at the cutting edge, integrating the latest technologies as they come to market. Helping keep our customers safe and secure; responding to any threats, no matter the circumstance.

Need help switching from Redcare?

If you need some help or advice on how to switch your estate’s Security Systems away from Redcare. Please get in touch using the contact from below and our team will be happy to assist.