What is a Keyholding Company?

What is a Keyholding Company?

A keyholding company is, quite simply, a company that securely holds keys to your property or site, to allow them to issue a response in the event of any threats or incidents.

When a keyholding company takes possession of your keys, they must be securely stored in line with all the latest industry standards to ensure that the safety of your business or property is not compromised in anyway.

If you did not want keys kept off site, the same service can also be provided if the keys are kept securely on site in a safe or lock box

The response process begins when one of two things happen. Either an alarm is triggered on site, and this can be an intruder alarm, fire alarm or panic alarm, or activity on your monitored CCTV raises an alert.

Once either of these things happen, the keyholding company will send out a fully licensed Security Response Officer who will use your keys to access the site and carry out a full external and internal inspection.

One of the main benefits of using a keyholding company is that it eliminates any risk to you or your staff. Currently, you may be the designated responder to any incidents, or you may have someone else on your team who is tasked with it. By using a keyholding company, you can ensure that your staff are not placed in harm’s way if they are faced with a genuine threat.

With police response times unreliable, it’s important that you know that someone will be on site to help you quickly. A keyholding company also ensures that you get a reliable response to any incidents. Some staff maybe hard to contact during unsociable hours, or there may be a delay in their response if they have other matters to attend to first, but a keyholding company can get someone to your site quickly and at any time of the day.

But getting someone to site quickly is only half of the issue. Once they are there, it’s important that they are confident in handling the situation and know exactly what to do. That’s why sending out a Security Response Officer is a much better solution. These are fully trained professionals who know the procedures for dealing with threats on site, to minimise theft, damage, or disruption to your property.

This can also act as a deterrent, preventing any future incidents, as potential criminals will be scared off by the threat of a trained SRO.

ARM Secure have over 20 years of experience in the keyholding industry and as a SIA Approved Contractor, have earned a reputation as a leading keyholding company in the UK.

We have a team of trusted and reliable experts across the business to help provide you with the right security solution for you.

We know what you need from a keyholding company and pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Our network of over 140 security partners allows us to provide complete UK coverage, meaning we get someone to your site, no matter where you are.

This network is one of the reasons we can provide rapid incident response, sending someone to your site instantly to deal with the incident.

At ARM Secure we are 100% committed to protecting people, properties and peace of mind and we perform stringent checks on any security partner we work with.

All our Security Response Officers are also fully licensed and trained to SIA standards, meaning they know exactly what to do in any situation, which gives you the peace of mind that your site is in the right hands.

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