Introducing ARM Secure

Welcome to ARM Secure

Thank you for visiting our new website. Although our website and our company name are brand spanking new, we’re not actually a brand-new company.

To be clear, we’re the result of a rebrand between two, well-established security businesses under the Asset Protection Group and within the security industry.

You may know us previously as ARK Alarm Response and Keyholding, or as VRC Monitoring Solutions. And the origin of both companies has not gone anywhere.

Why have we merged?

We have decided to merge both ARK Alarm Response and Keyholding and VRC Monitoring Solutions and have rebranded as ARM Secure. We’ve also undergone a logo transformation which encompasses both previous brands colours so that we don’t lose sight of who we were. Along with the visual changes, the tagline has also befitted from a refresh, using clear language to explain what ARM Secure does; “Protecting People, Properties and Peace of Mind”.

Previously, clients who have a ‘Keyholding’ service would need to speak to their dedicated ARK Alarm Response and Keyholding account manager, and their support team. The same client may also have a ‘Monitoring’ service, with a VRC Monitoring Solutions account manager, and thus a VRC support inbox.

The merger has been decided as both companies together are now able to offer our clients a streamlined approach. It provides clarity for the client, and a transparency of who we are, and what we can do for them. With both companies being part of the same brand name, it helps to remove confusion, and provides an efficient customer service.

ARM Secure Commercial Director, Judy Atkinson comments,

“The ultimate security solution for any commercial site is Monitoring and rapid Responding. With both companies’ extensive experience in the industry, and with our impressive portfolio of clients, our teams are now in full partnership assisting and understanding our client’s security needs from the initial conversation. With our vast provision of security services we can tailor a security solution that’s perfect for our client’s premises. We, as ARM Secure, are proud to be one of very few companies in the UK to be able to offer a combined monitoring and responding service, as well as delivering world-class customer service”.

What Security Services do we now offer?

As ARM Secure we offer the same security services that both ARK and VRC provided, except we are even more dedicated to our service offering. We have worked tirelessly in integrating technology solutions into our security packages, meaning our clients are getting real-time visibility of the security services that we provide to them. This has also had a huge and successful impact on our already high levels of client satisfaction in several ways:

  • Clients are seeing the value in our security services as they are able to track and manage their own security accounts using our new technology.
  • We are able to provide quicker response times as we have a network of over 100 service partners strategically place across the UK and this number is growing as we adopt even more like-minded and successful, security partners.
  • Our security teams work in unison with each other and our clients which saves time
  • We are able to offer competitively priced commercial security services

Who are our clients?

At ARM Secure, no client is too big or too small. We provide security services to you whether you have one small home, or thousands commercial outlets across the UK.

We have a huge portfolio of large clients who are pleased with our security services and have been using us for years. Equally, we have a large number of residential sites that we protect.

Do you require security services for your premises?

We are ready and waiting to provide you, your people and your premises with the protection you need. We offer single services packages, or totally bespoke packages, tailored to your business or home. We are able to do this because of our infrastructure and our passion to protect.

If you require commercial security services please enquire here.

ARM Secure: Protecting People, Properties and Peace of Mind.

Part of the Asset Protection Group

The Asset Protection Group comprises of a group of Fire & Security companies with shared ownership and one common goal, protecting your most important assets.

As a collective group we look to offer protection to your assets to assist you with your ongoing success within your own business.

The group currently consists of the companies featured below but do not be surprised to see these names change due to ongoing acquisitions and mergers as we look to expand the group to continue to meet our customers evolving needs.